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Beyond WhiteSpa

Make Your Smile Your Most Striking Feature!

BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select is in the business of making people smile with confidence. Whether you have a big job interview, graduation, wedding, or event coming up – or if you just want to look your best while out running errands – having shiny, white teeth will restore your confidence in letting the world see your beautiful smile.

Safer ...
Advanced light filtration system removes harmful heat and UV light.

Better ...
The most powerful whitening system available to the beauty industry!

Select the Best.
Introducing BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select: The original, premium-quality tooth whitening system designed exclusively for the beauty industry — now with a fresh, clean look.

Who should undergo the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select treatment?
The BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select treatment provides dramatic results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances such as coffee or tea. It also whitens teeth stained by tetracycline, speckled by fluoride or hereditary discoloration.

Who cannot undergo the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select treatment?
The BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select treatment is contraindicated for clients who are pregnant or lactating. The treatment is also contraindicated for children under the age of 16.

Additionally, any clients with known allergies to hydrogen peroxide or glycols should not undergo the treatment. Allergic reactions to the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select treatment are rare, however if the client was previously unaware of his or her allergy and has had a reaction to the treatment (usually evidenced by blistering along the gum line and/or swelling of the lips and gums), the client should contact his or her general practitioner immediately for treatment.

How white will my teeth get?
After undergoing whitening with the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select System, teeth shades can brighten between five to 14 shades, with an average improvement of eight shades on the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select Whitening Shade Guide. Although individual results will depend on how discolored the teeth were originally, the end result will be white, shiny teeth.

How long will the whitening last?
This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and lifestyle, but the effects usually last for about two years. Periodic touch-up treatments are recommended for clients who frequently consume coffee or other staining foods and drinks or for those that use tobacco products.

Is it safe?
Yes, scientific research has shown that the active ingredients in the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select Whitening Gel are effective and safe for cosmetic tooth whitening. The dental community has used these ingredients in performing teeth whitening for years. The BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Select Whitening Gel does not change or damage the structure of the teeth; it merely makes them appear white and shiny.

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